Facebook for the small business: How can I get started?

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Sometimes small businesses think that because they’re small, they can’t do much with Facebook – at least not enough to make a big impact.  I’m here to tell you that’s not the case – these tips should help you on your way to Facebook success…

Fabulous branding
Once you have people coming to your page, branding is everything.  Be sure that your Facebook page reflects the branding of your website, marketing materials and other social media sites.  If the page is campaign-specific, you may decide to brand around the campaign.  If the visitor is wowed by your branding and creativity, they’ll be more inclined to dig deeper and delve into your content.  Creative incentives for liking the page and community interaction helps too!

The number one reason visitors will return is for good content and interaction.  Use your wall to regularly share what you’ve been up to and Mashable’s eye study shows that Facebook users  spend the most time on a Facebook wall and uses that space when deciding whether to return.

Be social
Because Facebook is a social site, be social and be sure that every post isn’t about your business.  Be responsive, keep things personal through photos and give your employees a face and a voice. Have fun with your customers and get to know them!

If you build it, will they come?
Spread the word about your Facebook page – tell everyone you know about it through giveaways, contests, email campaigns or whichever way works best for your customers.  Remember, hit up your friends to ‘like’ your page and help to spread the word through their own social networks (Hey, you’ve been buying fundraiser gift wrap from your next door neighbour’s children for years – get that favour returned!).

Before signing off….
I just wanted to share Social Media Examiner’s “Top 10 Small Business Facebook Pages” for 2011.  Before you head off on your own page, remember that a great use of real estate, catches the visitor’s eye and great content keeps them coming back.

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  1. David Leeb February 6, 2012 at 10:11 am

    Businesses think that this social media space is not for them and that their customers aren’t online – big mistake! With the options available to them, small businesses really shouldn’t hold themselves back. Your customers are online – and more of them are connecting every day.

    • Tony March 11, 2012 at 11:05 am

      I agree that Facebook is currently not the best tool for the job but it’s one of them. My questions are then, who is your audience, what information do you want to communicate to them, and how widely available do you want that information to be. Facebook may be for cool young kids but these kids are gradually moving into the workplace and bringing their tools with them.


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