An app that encourages you to look up from your phone and interact with the world around you

Fans of Keri Smith will be excited to learn that Penguin Group (USA) has announced the launch of The Pocket Scavenger for iOS and Android–an interactive adaptation of her THE POCKET SCAVENGER book–which encourages users to actually look up from their phones and interact with the world around them (what a concept!).

With The Pocket Scavenger app, users will be asked to find and photograph a spectrum of quirky items: three different texturessomething that was plantedsomething you can only find in your local environmenta found notesomething with text on it, and more. Once their quarry is in hand, they can choose to be assigned an alteration dictated solely by chance: turn it into a hat that someone is wearingadd five new colorsmake it part of a self-portraitturn it into a friend, and so on.

After completing a scavenge, they can then upload their creation to a map…and see what scavenges are going on around them. They can also share their scavenges through Twitter and Facebook before embarking on a new hunt.

“While I’m always excited to publish a new Keri Smith book or app, The Pocket Scavenger is particularly exciting. I love the sense of possibility it opens around you as you begin to see the world through a scavenger’s eyes,” says Meg Leder, Executive Editor at Perigee Books.

In 2011, Perigee launched Wreck This App based on Smith’s popular creativity book Wreck This Journal, which has sold more than a million copies. Fueled by media coverage from USA Today, Wired’s “Geek Dad” blog, and, and a plug as Gizmodo’sApp of the Day, and featured in both “New and Noteworthy” and “What’s Hot” at the iTunes store, Wreck This App quickly become one of the bestselling apps in Penguin Group history.

2012’s This Is Not an App was also a critics’ darling, garnering praise from Cool HuntingWired magazineDailyCandyGizmodoand Kotaku.

Priced at $4.99, The Pocket Scavenger is available for download on the iTunes App Store and on Google Play. If you’re looking for the hard copy, Amazon only has 8 copies left (hurry!).

* Thank you to Penguin USA

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