[Contest Closed] Win a Samsung S5 + GearFit: A perfect pair!

Leave a comment below by Friday August 29th and you could win your own Samsung Galaxy S5 with Gear Fit!  Good luck! 

CONTEST UPDATE: Congratulations to K. Kay who is the winner!  Samsung Canada will be sending a brand new S5 phone and Gear Fit! Thank you to everyone who participated – come back again for more contests :)

I love the Samsung S5 and was thrilled to have an opportunity to test it out with the new Gear Fit smartwatch. As a pair, the set works very well together. Although the Gear Fit isn’t perfect, I’d say it is the best option available on the market.

There have been a plethora of fitness trackers and smartwatches out over the past 2 years – most being only adequate in their offerings with designs that are not very appealing (at least for us women!). The Samsung Gear Fit is more of a hybrid that includes traditional fitness tracking, smartphone features with (bonus!) a sleeker design.

The look and design
When you look at other smartwatches, the Gear Fit stands out from the rest with its smaller rectangular design that is slightly curved so it better fits your wrist. It only has 1 button so you can easily turn it on or off and also has a feature that lights up the screen when you turn your wrist to see the display.

The display itself is bright and colourful and with a swipe of your finger, you can scroll through the icons with ease. There are 19 gorgeous wallpaper backgrounds to choose from so you can co-ordinate with your mood or your outfit. The watch band also comes in 3 colours (black, grey and orange) so you have some options there too.

The specs and guts
The Gear fit boasts a 1.85 inch AMOLED screen allowing for excellent response time.

In a fitness tracker, there are some standard features that most of us look for. The Gear Fit does not disappoint in this area. It comes with a stopwatch, timer and a pedometer but also lets you track your sleep, excercise and heart rate. Samsung’s S Health App (you’ll need a Samsung account to use this app), allows you to track your activities and look up your historical data. The app is pretty intuitive to use but depending on your fitness goals, you may find it to be limited in the data it provides.

My experience
I have to admit, I must have spent about 45 minutes playing around with the backgrounds when I first looked at the Gear Fit. My wrists are pretty small but I found this watch to be very comfortable and it didn’t feel heavy – even after wearing it for a few hours.

It was easy to sync the watch up with the S Health app that comes pre-installed on the Galaxy S5. Going for a jog this morning, I left my phone at home and found the watch to be good as a fitness tracker but I could not recieve any emails or phone calls while I was out. (Not surprising but kind of a pain to have to run with my phone in my pocket). On a bright day, I found the watch’s “outdoor mode” feature to be handy because it allowed me to adjust the brightness from 1-6 so I could see the screen. I also really like that the screen shuts off to preserve battery life.

The sleep tracking feature is basic but it does the job. If you’re looking for something that measures deep sleep vs light sleep levels, the Gear Fit may not be for you.

The battery did last me about 2.5 days which is pretty good! The watch comes with a small clip that you need to charge it though and it’s something that can easily be lost because of its small size.

As a whole, the Galaxy S5, Gear Fit and the S Health app is a great bundle to use together. The package feels a little bit rushed as the UI could be improved and better integrated but it’s no deal breaker. It’s a great watch paired with a powerful Android phone.

Price for the Gear Fit: $99.95 CAD

Leave a comment below by Friday August 29th and you could win your own Samsung Galaxy S5 with Gear Fit!  Good luck!

Tracy Anderson + Samsung Canada Get Fit

Thank you to Samsung Canada for providing a review unit in exchange for an honest review.

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