Creating Optimal Content with Limited Resources

Marketers know that good content is the fuel for your lead generation programs.  We hear that “Content is King” all the time.  But what can marketers do when juggling budgets, resources and time to create the content strategy needed to truly drive leads?  2 things: Make sure you have the right content team and you repurpose existing content to share across different channels.

The Content team

It all starts with your team.  Whether you are a one person content band or an orchestra of many, having defined roles are very important. Here are 3 content roles that you should consider on your team. And if you are running solo, dividing up your role into these areas can help you to better manage your position.


Have one team member dedicated to editing and if you’re a small team, this task may be rolled into the Program Manager or Campaign Manager role. The editor’s responsibilities could include:

–          Message Consistency

–          SEO

–          Content Calendaring

–          Blog management

–          Publishing

–          Metrics Reporting

Content Creators

Not all of us can have teams dedicated to content creation – so this is where you can get a little (or a lot!) creative. Content creation shouldn’t be the sole responsibility of your writers and editors. The more hands you have on deck creating content, the better your content assets can be.  Branch out and make content creation a part of you organization’s culture. There’s no rule that says content can only be created by marketing departments. What’s more, why not extend content creation to your external vendors, partners, fans and followers?

Marketing Lead

At the end of the day, someone on the team needs to have final sign off.  This role would go to a content officer or Marketing lead (depending on the size of your organization).  This person would be responsible for the overall story, measurement and business accountability.  No sense in having excellent content if it doesn’t align with your business goals right?

Content repurposing

Blogs, videos, presentations, infographics, webinars – you’ve got a lot of content and this is where your creativity can shine!  Take that wonderful material, slice it up and make it easy to digest in a new format.

Some ideas:

–          Pool together related content to create an eBook

–          Inversely take that larger whitepaper or guide and break it up into social posts, blog entries and videos

–          Turn an infographic into a slide deck for a presentation

–          Podcast to an eBook

–          Blog post into an infographic

–          Slide deck into a cheat sheet

There are many other ideas but you have to get creative.  Same time and resources by digging into what you have already and finding unique ways to re-use it.

You don’t have to have huge amounts of time or resources to have great content.  Define roles and responsibilities, reach out to team members outside of marketing and outside of the organization and don’t forget to get creative and spin existing content into something new.

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