Do you have the Scoop(it)?

We have talked about Pinterest being a wonderful visual tool that allows you to organize and share content online. Giving you a place to post (or “pin”) images, ideas and links based on theme (say, “blue cars” or “small dogs” or “fuzzy things”), Pinterest has been rapidly gaining popularity over the past few years and has moved beyond the initial home decor and wedding planning uses that it was initially intended for.  Even though more and more people are creating pin boards daily, Pinterest does have one downfall: it only lets you post things that you already know exist.

So what if there is a perfect link to the perfect “fuzzy thing” out there but you don’t even know it? Shouldn’t there be a way to access that? Is there anything out there that can help me find content?

You’re in luck! goes beyond typical content curation and will go out and search for you – bringing back results that you can choose to display or not in a vivid magazine-type format.  Furthermore even though’s results are meant to be viewed on their site, you have the ability to link the content into your other social feeds.  Seriously considering switching over from my…

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