Gift Ideas: All I want for Christmas…

Judging by store decor over the past couple weeks, I’ve decided that the festive season is officially here. In fact, I’ve started hauling up my coveted Christmas decor items from the basement storage room this past week (a quick shout out to Sara – who I’m sure has started already too!).

So while everything is starting to look gorgeous at home, I have started thinking about presents – and (naturally) where do I start? Tech! Now there are tech gifts out there that have become a bit synonymous with the festive tie or socks gift – though not quite as inexpensive, they’re a bit predictable think: the latest iPhone or digital camera. I wanted to put together a list that brings a little excitement to the mix:

  1. TV Camo Screens:  Hiding your black, wall mount LCD TV behind a beautiful framed piece of artwork is a great way add to your home decor – not to mention its really cool and can help the guys out there build a case for going up a size when out shopping for that TV!  A remote-controlled motorized screen is lifted away to reveal your beloved flatscreen when you need it and can be hidden away when you don’t need it.  For more, check out VuTec.
  2. LED Watch Bling: Don’t get me wrong, this is no match for a diamond-encrusted Rolex but for those of us who prefer not to show off their “Rollie” when they’re out and about (who am I kidding?), TokyoFlash makes some incredible pieces and they deliver world-wide for orders over $120.  Their newest watch, “The Rogue” has a gorgeous gunmetal finish and has recieved raving reviews – what with its touch screen and dual timezone capability.  They have other pieces that look more futuristic (Their Kisai Kaidoku model for one) that may be out there for some, but these watches are a lot of fun and truly original.
  3. Dr. Dre Beats Pro Headphones: For those of you who aren’t up to date with the current earphone trends, those white Apple earbuds are out and large over-ear headphones (circa 1980′s) are in.  They are brightly coloured, big and have the recognizable “b” logo on the side.  What makes them so cool?  Well, for those of you who like to feel the bass, these are a must-have and the fact that Dr. Dre has his name on them, raises that cool factor through the roof.
  4. HD Camcorder Ski-Goggles: What?!  How awesome would it be to hit the slopes this Christmas season with a pair of these? These 12 megapixel, antifog goggles, with UV protection records video with its 136 degree full field of view wide angle lens.  The $400 unit includes 4GB of storage and a full charge (via USB) will give you 2 hours of recording time.   You can watch a video and buy these goggles here. (I keep typing ‘Google’ instead of ‘Goggles’ lol!)
  5. Moving for health: Taking health monitoring to another level, Jawbone UP tracks your daily activity and tells you to move when you need to.  The wristband + iPhone app work together to track your steps, distance, calories burned, pace, intensity level, active vs inactive time, sleep habits and meals.  You can set up or join fit challenges and even challenge friends.  The Jawbone UP, may also be helpful in meeting those upcoming 2012 resolutions!

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