How Governments and Non-profits are using Pinterest

I was enjoying my weekly tweetup with the Health Care Social Media Canada group yesterday (#hcsmca) where one of our topics up for discussion was how Pinterest can be used by health care providers.  One thing that is very interesting about social media is the creative uses that extend from a website’s original purpose – As Twitter was originally desinged to post status updates and Facebook was for universities.  Pinterest was used for wedding planning or home decorating image boards and more recently, companies are finding ways to interact with their audiences and share content to ultimately increase sales.

As is true with all forms of social media, non-profits and governments tend to be part of the latter stage of the adoption wave.  In our chat yesterday, we did find a couple of unique boards and that encouraged me to do some digging to find the ‘early adopters’ in this segment.

Below are some great examples that should be looked at for some ideas:

Massachusetts General Hospital Academy (
A great use of pinboards to introduce patients and students to the hospitals’s events, people, facilities, partners and the Boston Area.

Oxfam Scotland (
Charitable organizations can use Pinterest to highlight progress and encourage donations by showing how funds are used to support the cause.  Oxfam Scotland’s pinboard is an excellent example of events, campaigns and some Scottish background – which is a great way of connecting with a community.

Ronald McDonald House Charities Northern California
Ronald McDonald House serves children and their families and this group is showing their energy and enthusiasm with unique pinboard names like “Healing Happens Together”, “We Love our Donors” and “Some Red Shoe Inspiration” to  engage donors and have a bit of fun.

Lorraine County Government
Although the County is still filling in their boards, they have made a great start at introducing people to their area and sharing updates with residents with their pinboard categories such as: Commissioner’s Board Meetings, Distance Learning Center, Transportation and Community, Office of Sustainability and more.

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