iPad, PS3 and Angry Birds: Worlds Best Selling Products [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you know what product in the technology niche has the biggest global sales? Apple’s iPhone is an invincible champion in this category. It turns out that since 2007 Apple has sold 517M iPhones. That’s more than the number of people living in the European Union or USA!

FinancesOnline has gathered info about this and other incredible sales figures for best-selling products around the world including tech, entertainment and food industry and turned them into one great infographic.

Looking at the infographic, I’m not too surprised.  Coca-cola is my cola of choice, I lined up for a Playstation 4 this past Christmas season (it was freezing out!), my first car was a Toyota Corolla.  How many of these have you bought?

Some great information here – Pass it on!

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