Moxtra: Express & collaborate with your content, projects, ideas, & photos like never before!

A couple of weeks ago, the same team that brought us Webex, launched a new mobile app that enables users to collect any type of digital content (video, images, webpages, documents), access remote files on desktops, personalize content with your own voice, and share that content publicly via social media or collaborate selectively.

  • Collect Whatever. Regardless of file type or platform, simply drop selected materials from wherever (Dropbox, Box, remote desktop, live URL, camera roll, YouTube video, document, etc.) into a designated binder—an image of a place setting into a ‘Wedding’ binder, a recent tax return into a ‘Financial’ binder or a new recipe in a ‘Cooking’ binder.
  • Express However. Moxtra features real-time, voice-over and annotation capabilities, so users can enhance materials by adding explanations, stories or notes to give context to an image.
  • Collaborate Whenever. Share your binders via social media networks, or privately share with selected contacts, enriching the way you send and receive instant feedback.

Moxtra looks like a great app but how would I use it?

Oh let me count the ways!

  • Plan a party. Find different menus to compare, wedding ideas on a Pinterest page, or a YouTube video of a band-for-hire? Simply drop selected materials from wherever into a designated binder: “Wedding 2013,” “Tom’s Birthday,” or “Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas.”
  • Home makeover: Create a “Kitchen Remodel” binder with images and blueprints, add voice or visual notes by speaking over or drawing directly on the pages, and send the binder to your contractor for immediate feedback.
  • Go on vacation. As you plan a group trip, add live URLs with airfare prices, hotel reviews, and must-see attractions to a binder; everyone invited to the binder can add and view pages, as well as provide feedback, ask questions and make decisions.
  • What not to wear: Scroll through pages—a live Pinterest page of current fashion trends, photos of accessories and different looks you found while shopping—talking over the slides as it records your screen movement and voice in real time. Send the note via SMS text, Facebook or email to see what your friends think you should wear to Saturday’s party.

Moxtra ( is a free download in the iTunes App Store.

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