MyApollo gives us a truly private social network

What’s the one thing that worries many of us social media lovers?

According to MyApollo, it’s privacy.

Things we post are open to almost anyone and we really don’t have a way to control who sees our pictures, videos and messages.  Starting about 2 years ago in our own backyard (Burlington, Ontario Woot!), MyApollo changes all of that.  Rather than using traditional web servers to store your information, MyApollo has set up a proprietary peer-to-peer network that encrypts data.  The result? Your content stays private.

Harvey Medcalf, CEO and Co-Founder of MyApollo tells me that this is a long time coming and he feels that privacy is a strong concern for social media users.  I’m not so sure considering all of the content I see thrown up on a daily basis – although this may be different for a more mature crowd.   ”People love the social networks that they are using, they just aren’t in love with how the networks are using them”.

Having started up 2 years ago, the network has been well-received at an international level.  They’ve spread the word in North America, have recently returned from a European media tour.  But the network isn’t trying to be ‘the next Facebook’.  They are looking to eventually expand into the Enterprise market (a la RIM) and make there impact from there.

The biggest challenge I see for MyApollo is getting the word out.  It’s hard for a new adopter to stay interested in a social network if they aren’t connecting with people (thinking: deserted ghost town. Cue the tumbleweed…) And when asked how MyApollo plans to find users, Metcalf says that they are relying on word-of-mouth (social media?) and reaching out to media.

About MyApollo

myApollo is the world’s first private peer-to-peer social network. Built for versatility, speed and privacy, myApollo gives the users the ability to communicate and interact online without the worry of their personal information being compromised. Learn more at

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