Review: Caseco mobile cases – Tough protection in a good looking package

Attention Moms: run-on sentence alert! You know those days when you desperately hand your phone to your little one to keep him quiet at the doctor’s office while you’re busy keeping his little sister calm as she’s prepping for a vaccination? Only to hear that familiar sound of a child dropping the phone – yet again! You already have a massive crack across the front of the screen and the shell has seen better days but hey, what’s another dent right? Sigh, the life of a mom… but I digress.

We spend hundreds of dollars on our prized mobile devices.  We show them off, take pictures, chat with friends, research restaurants and find directions – not to mention place a few phone calls along the way.  Our phones are sleek, sparkly, shiny and fun.  So when these works of art are dropped onto the floor/ground/concrete, it’s no wonder we’re upset.  Once an image of perfection, they end up marred with cracks, scratches and an overall banged up look.

There are a lot of tough and rugged options out there for phone cases that do the job but it’s rare to find a good phone case that provides tough protection while looking great.  And the look is what I liked about the Caseco cases right off the bat!  The 2 styles that I’m reviewing today are the ‘Shock Express’ and the ‘Genesis Shock Express’ and from the moment I opened the box, it was clear to see that Caseco has placed great emphasis on the details during their manufacturing process.

Both styles come in a wide selection of colours and while the Genesis is a bit tougher looking, both provide great protection without the bulky, industrial look that many other cases have.  Plus, they are shipped along with a screen protector and a microfiber screen cleaner (which comes in handy when your texting away during lunch!).

I also love the ergonomic shape of the cases. If you have smaller hands like I do,the slight curve on the case makes a big difference – especially when you pair it with a larger screen.  The sides and the inside of the cases are made of textured rubber which provide for a great grip and shockproof protection for your phone.

The button covers are great and I had no difficulty with the regular usage of the phone with either of the cases on. I also appreciated that the ports were easy to access through the well designed cutouts.

Final thoughts:

Overall the 2 styles are very similar and well-made.  The Genesis however has a harder, textured body that is slightly less flexible than the Shock Express which has a bright, glossy finish.  I found the Genesis to be a little slipperier than it’s counterpart but since the case itself is tougher, that may not make such a big difference.  At the end of the day, it’s up to you – if you prefer a better grip in a glossy finish then Shock Express is for you.  If you want better protection in a more neutral finish, then go with the Genesis.  I tried these on my Samsung S5 and I’d recommend it to you if you are looking to protect your phone but not sacrifice style or size.  At a price of $39.99 CAD, you’re getting a great case.

Caseco cases are available at retailers in Ontario. You can also buy directly through their website:

Thank you to Caseco for providing units in exchange for an honest review.


Founded by a team of successful mobile phone accessory industry veterans, Caseco Products is a leading Canadian manufacturer of innovative products designed to enhance popular mobile phones, tablets, and wireless devices. Caseco products are designed and engineered to meet the real-world needs of today’s demanding mobile users, delivering superior performance, trend-setting styling, higher manufactured quality — and far greater value — than competing offerings.  

Caseco’s products offer an exceptional out-of-box customer experience, featuring top-quality retail packaging, clear and understandable user documentation, easy installation, and unmatched product warranties backed by knowledgeable and responsive customer service professionals. Caseco factory products are available through the company website at, and through authorized wireless and mobile accessories distributors located worldwide.

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