Scoopr says “It’s time to get rewarded for your creative photos”

Content is King! Content improves SEO! Content creation is a lot of work!

Every engaged brand knows that (these days), much of your brand content comes from your customers and online fans -and what’s a better endorsement than a happy customer?  Things get tedious when you have to sift through the volume of content and (if you finding something you like) licensing it in a timely manner and using it immediately.

Wouldn’t it be great if a brand could pull in that content, license it and thank the content creator for their valuable contribution in an easy way?

Well now we can with Scoopr!

Scoopr is an app that stores and connects brands with memorable content that is brand specific and shareable in real time.  If you’re a brand with an engaged fanbase, this is perfect for you.

How does it work?

  1. Create an assignment for your community:  You could ask your for photos of themselves using your product, or tie in a holiday or event.
  2. Offer incentives: Cash bonuses, product offerings or discounts
  3. Use Scoopr Alerts: Send your community alerts which they can access directly from their phones.  Your community can upload directly from the Scoopr App to your assignment.
  4. License the content you like: Once you find content you like, Scooper allows you to quickly licence the content and publishers can sign the model release with their finger

How easy is that?

About Scoopr

Scoopr Media is Boston’s new ad tech platform built to capture the genuine moments shared between big brands and their consumers in real time. Scoopr provides brands with authentic user generated content for them to use in their marketing efforts and rewards brand fans for their content. Scoopr helps brands know the difference between brand fans, brand ambassadors, and brand evangelist by providing the analytics behind every photo we store.

Scoopr Media is a cloud storage solution that gives brands a way to access real time branded photos. 

Scoopr usage levels range from 100G to 300G of storage.

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