Social Networking: Beginners’ tips for building your online network

It’s tough work building a network. Whether it is online or in the ‘real’ world, having a group of people who trust you and are willing to recommend your work, goes a lot further than having thousands of online connections who only know you by name.

To help you build that network, here are some ‘Treasured Tips’:

  1. Connect
    When you meet someone in your day to day life, connect with them online (FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn – you get the picture).  This is a good way for them to know you online and shows that you are interested in keeping in contact.
  2. Attract
    Get (or keep) people interested in you by getting involved in existing conversations or discussions.  You’ll find that if you are contributing (and not just self-promoting), you’ll be welcomed with open arms.
  3. Shift your Focus
    Shifting your focus from ‘Getting’ to ‘Giving’ is  a great way to build trust. If someone shares your content or mentions you online – do the same for them!  Start with a simple ‘Thank you’ and be sure to follow back so you can find the opportunity to reciprocate.  Seek out opportunities to answer questions and help out – you’ll be remembered for it down the road.
  4. Consistency
    Nothing’s genuine if it isn’t consistent.  It is not a good idea to just ‘pop in’ when it’s convenient for you. Being online, doesn’t hide the phonies, and trust-based relationships are only built through regular, consistent effort.

Final thought:

You are the expert in your business.  You know the ins, outs and the latest trends.  But to be successful, you must remember that people prefer to do business with friends. Using these tips to build relationships and a strong network, you’ll soon be forming real connections that benefit everyone.  Let me know how they work for you!

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