Tabeso: The game-changing app for discovering, sharing and attending events

When Chad Ramos, Co-Founder of Tabeso asked me to check out their new app – I was pretty psyched! Based in Las Vegas, Tabeso is doing for events, what Instagram did for photos. “With one app, you can plan your summer vacation in Florida, see what’s happening in New York when you’re there on business next week and find a great concert in your hometown tonight”, says Ramos.

A “one-stop shop” for events, once the app is downloaded, users can follow people, venues and organizations so they’re always in the know.  If you find an event you like, you can “Tab” it – allowing you to share, calendar or comment on the event. Tabbing also lets the event organizers know that you’re interested – a great way to get special access, discounts or other perks!

Moving well beyond the U.S, Tabeso, has global reach with over 15,000 events in Paris, France alone.  Launching March 1st (this Friday!!) in the App Store, the obvious question from an Android-girl like me is when can I get Tabeso for my preferred device?  (Chad says that it’s under development and we can expect the Android version in the summer).

What does Tabeso look like and how does it work?

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