Trying to Engage Moms with your content? Read this!

Moms are busy.

While juggling family (kids, pets, homework, sports), our day jobs and trying to make some time for ourselves, us mothers have a lot on our plate.  And even though most of us are very active with social media, with the whirlwind of activity around us and the (literally) thousands of messages that pour out towards us every,  it takes something special to catch our eye.

Marketers realize that the “Mom-spend” is the highest spend out there (PunchTab reports a yearly spend of $2.4Trillion!!) so its no wonder that the competition is so fierce.  If you’re trying to engage with online Moms, there are some things you should consider.

Know what “Mom Stage” you are targeting: All Moms are not created equal!  It makes a big difference whether your Moms are new mothers, parenting through the teen years or have kids in University.  Be sure to know exactly which Moms you are looking to attract

Solve problems:  85% of Moms usually hit the internet in the midst of a crisis.  If you can provide solutions, coupons or instructions, you will get that coveted Mom-attention. And the best part is, she will come back, share her views and spread the word about your product with her friends.

Crowdsource: One thing we know for sure is that Moms love to share.  If your brand has a loyal following, you may benefit from setting up places for Moms to contribute content.  This could be discussion or Q&A forums where mothers unite and form their own communities.  Or, this could be open Pinterest boards, where Moms are invited to post content on category-specific boards.  Whole Foods does this very well with their shoppers actively posting recipes  and “green living” ideas with everyone.

Be Responsive: Remember conversation it’s a 2-way street.  Be genuine, friendly, and please don’t sound like an advertisement.

Measure: All the online activity in the world doesn’t mean a thing unless you can track your progress.  Set those targets and get analysing!

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