Twitter Headers: Giving Brands Curb Appeal

Twitter has been saying for a while now that it wants to find ways to capitalize on its popular microblogging platform and today announced a way for brands to have a more prominent presence on profile pages via its new header feature.  Not only that, Twitter has found a better way for us to view photo streams on an iPad or Android –  as you can now swipe through the images or tap them to increase the size (very cool and very easy to do!)

Journalists and other media personalities were the first to adopt the new header – here’s what the new header image looks like on @RyanSeacrest‘s twitter feed (very clever!):

While esthetically, the larger image is a lot more pleasing, the benefits are much more than something nice to look at. This upgrade improves the first impression given out to a potential client (if you’re wondering, yes Ryan Seacret is a brand).

The inclusion of headers puts Twitter and Facebook on even playing ground even though their efforts may not truly overlap in terms of audiences. Where Facebook is full of parents/grandparents with photos of grandchildren, Twitter appeals more to the news-minded crowd who wants to know everything that is happening at any given moment. Despite these differences it’s interesting to see how the two companies are influencing one another while trying to find a way to make money through their massive digital networks.

Although brands are still responsible for continued interaction and engagement developing individual strategies but this addition does make the store-front a lot more attractive :)

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