Who wants to carry around a USB Cable? ChargeCard and ChargeKey make it easy!

Review unit was sent to me at no charge by NOMAD in exchange for an honest review.

We’re always on the go and at the end of the day – just when you’re stepping out to meet friends for a drink, or (if you’re like me) running errands, hitting the gym and picking up the all important bristol board for your little student’s class project – your phone battery is completely drained.

No surprise since we are always Emailing, Texting, YouTubing, Playing games (in meetings?) and of course, making phone calls on these devices. Rather than lugging around a (giant) battery pack with you everywhere you go, what option do you have?   I’ve had a USB charger in my purse for the past year and have recently started bringing a battery pack with me everywhere I go. But, to tell you the truth, it’s kind of annoying – the cable takes up so much space.

Thankfully, there IS a solution!  The great people at Nomad have sent over their products the ChargeCard and ChargeKey for review and although it’s not a battery pack (which would be great), it’s a convenient USB charger that you can carry around with you either in your wallet or your key ring.  Available in iPhone 5 and Micro USB formats, the chargers work fast and have recently become available in Canada through Amazon.

The ChargeCard is about the width of a credit card and about as thick as 2 cards stacked on top of one another.

I like the ChargeKey myself – just hooked it up to my key ring.

Does it work?

Like a charm!  I charged my Samsung S3 from 50% to a charge of 80% while typing up this post.  Since you’re in the office anyways, why not plug this in an hour before you leave for the day?


For $35CAD, you can buy your own device on Amazon – yes it’s pricier than some other USB chargers but the portability of it makes it worth it!


  • Lightning fast
  • Compact size
  • Durable and flexible construction
  • Took some fiddling to get it into the USB on my Macbook Air
  • A bit pricier than similar products on the market


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