Women in Technology: C’mon girls – Let’s Bring It to Tech!

In the late 1990′s, I was one of a handful of women enrolled in a Computer Science post-secondary program – don’t ask me for percentages or anything as I don’t know the exact numbers in our class but I distinctly remember that there were five of us girls in total.  Now that I’m (well) past those days, I’m thinking back to how I felt about that ratio back then:

Did I find it daunting?


Did that ratio lend itself to a more challenging environment?

I don’t think so.

And the more I think of it, I don’t believe my female classmates would disagree with me on this.

So, if technology is something we use every day, and if we girls aren’t threatened by being ‘out numbered’ in class, then Why aren’t more women exploring technology in there individual careers?

I’d say it’s because traditionally, we aren’t brought up to consider maths and sciences.  Add to that, the constant stream of school data indicating that boys perform better in those subjects, it’s no wonder girls don’t naturally lean in that direction.

And here enters our rescuer:  Bring It On (@BringingITon) is a Canadian group who encourages just that – they support women aged 15 to 25 to consider a career in the advanced technology sectors. The CataWit (Canadian Women in Technology Forum) has supported the Bring It On project by helping them set up their website and social media presence. Other sponsors such as Microsoft, Allstream and the Government of Ontario are on board to get girls considering to see that technology is not just limited to networking and programming. The technology sectors hold vast opportunities in aerospace, defence, energy and life sciences – opportunities that allow us to protect, explore, experience and create.

C’mon girls – technology is innovative, inspiring and invigorating.  chose a career in technology and show ‘em what you’e got!

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